---------- ---------- ---------- --- SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR SPRING 2020---------- ---------- ---------- -----
(1) Because of the current situation with the Corona virus pandemic and direction from governmental authorities with regard to limiting meetings to ten persons, the Lake Victor Church of Christ will be closed until further notice. However, the church will be briefly open each Sunday at 11:00 am and communion will be offered in the parking lot.
(2) For the period the church will be closed, we will be posting audio files containing short lessons of encouragement. Select any of the links below to hear the message.
(1) Doug Warner-03202020
(3) If you are having problems dealing with the situation, or desire to talk to someone, please feel free to contact Willis Evans at (512) 556-2099 (call or text) or via email at wve1937@gmail.com and we will have someone contact you.